Meet the Team and Chrissie

Chrissie Wedlake

is the wonderful person who is behind the idea for the charity. He is Oli’s younger brother and one of four siblings. Despite the gift of an extra chromosome, Chrissie was born with a hole in his heart and is very lucky to still be with us today. He is the most loving of people and has always been treated as an equal at home. It became apparent that the older he got the less organised activities there were for him, and the less people for him to meet. He has always been very active and we would like that to continue … so we set up Chrissie’s Day Out.

Issy Wedlake, Co-Founder

Chrissie’s sister in law and loving mum to Alfie and Grace.  Issy is in charge of discovering and organising new days out and events for our supporters.

Oliver Wedlake, Co- Founder

Chrissie’s older brother and superdad to Alfie and Grace. Oliver is in charge of fundraising and ensures the smooth running of the events.

Oliver Litterick, Trustee

Father to Archie and Molly, loyal friend and one our biggest charity supporters. Oliver helps the team with fundraising activities and drumming up support for the charity.