BBC Documentary – A World Without Down’s Syndrome:

Watch this documentary about Down’s syndrome and the ethics of pregnancy screening, fronted by Sally Phillips. This film explores the thinking around the proposed new screening test and its possible availability on the NHS.

Frank Stephens’ Powerful Speech on Down Syndrome to US Congress:

Frank Stephens, a young man living with Down Syndrome, gives a powerful speech on his life experience and the importance of people living with Down Syndrome in science and research.

When Chrissie met Nicole Scherzinger in Cats in London:

To the envy of many men and all of us at Chrissie’s Day Out, Chrissie met the beautiful Nicole Scherzinger after her phenomenal performance in Cats, the Musical.  A great day out!

Lauren Potter is a 27-year-old American actress best known for her portrayal as Becky Jackson of hit TV show, Glee.

As well as a highly successful actress, Lauren is also a strong activist for individuals with developmental disabilities and has travelled around the United States to speak out against bullying.  Barack Obama chose Lauren to be the President of the Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities.

“I never thought that I could be an actress, but I am. I never thought that I would be a presidential appointee and I am! The possibilities are endless for anyone and that is what I hope to help bring to this committee- a real life example that with a supportive community and an encouraging country we all can live the American dream!”

We salute you Lauren!

Woman with Down syndrome is 1st to compete in Miss USA state pageant:

Amazing story about 22 year old Mikayla Holmgren from Minnesota who was the first Down’s woman to compete in the Miss USA beauty pageant…read her story above.